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Take Me To: Punta Cana


The best time to visit Punta Cana is from March to May, when the peak season rush trickles out of the city. Luckily, the weather is warm year-round, with average highs around 80 degrees Fahrenheit.  When don’t you want to go?  Hurricane season – June to November.

The Dominican Republic is known for its picture-perfect shorelines and vivacious mix of modern and urban aesthetics. It’s the kind of place that’s best enjoyed in abundance – which is exactly what you’ll find at the all-inclusive resorts of Punta Cana. It’s one of the most popular vacation spots in the Dominican, and for good reason. Punta Cana vacations are what dreams are made of.


The vibrant destination of Punta Cana lies on the Eastern coast of the Dominican Republic. Complete with its own international airport, it is lined with over 40 miles of breathtaking beaches. More than 40 beachfront hotels, a great choice of world-class golf courses, endless water sports and activities, as well as exquisite dining options are part of this city’s charm. Punta Cana is one of the most popular and the fastest growing destinations of the Caribbean. This young destination of color and Latin flavor combines the true friendliness and professionalism of the Dominican people with excellent hotels and infrastructure. Local regulations permit hotels to build only as high as the tallest palm tree, helping to preserve the natural atmosphere and tropical ambiance of its pristine white coastlines. Come and experience it for yourself! 

Punta Cana is the perfect place for snorkeling, kayaking, sailing, racing a speedboat or just dreaming! Cruise the coastline of Bavaro on a glass-bottom boat and get the thrill of your lifetime swimming with sharks and rays in a net. Lovers of gentler sea animals can experience swimming with dolphins in an ocean basin or whale watching certain months of the year, an attraction that brings together people from all over the world.

MUSE Travelers Vacation Add-Ons

Ocean Spa (Wellness) – Get a pedicure from a school of fish and a massage from a qualified professional on a unique and delightful day at the Ocean Spa in Punta Cana. Treat yourself and experience spa pampering like never before — as you cruise along the stunning Dominican coastline. Learn relaxation exercises, chill out on floating mattresses and get treated by nature’s coolest doctor: Dr. Fish! (AS) Starts at $154/pp 

Scape Park – Explore Punta Cana’s most thrilling landscape with full-day admission to the Cap Cana Resort Scape Park, with transport from your hotel, lunch and drinks in the resort’s restaurant. Discover the six natural attractions (ticket includes three) in the 247-acre (100-hectare) park, listen to the tropical chorus of colorful birds, swim in hidden pools and see Taino pictograms as you take in this idyllic island escape. Spend the day going deep into caves and cenotes, riding through the jungle, spending time at the beach and ziplining from tree to tree by Farallon Cliff. (AS) Starts at $129/pp

Monkey Island – If you came to the Dominican Republic to get closer to nature and enjoy a unique tropical environment, you won’t want to miss Monkey Land. This 5-acre nature sanctuary in Punta Cana will let you and your family pet, hold and interact with friendly squirrel monkeys, as well as sample locally-grown coffee and cocoa. There’s plenty of time to monkey around on this outing! (AS) Starts at $75/pp  w/zip-line excursion, $135/pp 

Santo Domingo Tours – Embark on a guided exploration of Santo Domingo, without a doubt one of the most fascinating and exciting cities in the Caribbean, and the first city founded in the New World in 1496. This beautiful capital city, located 2½ hours from Punta Cana, beckons you to explore its jewel-like charm. (AS) Starts at $95, Private Tours Available $$$$

Hispaniola Explorer Tour – Discover the richness of the island of Hispaniola and the country known as the Dominican Republic with a full-day trip that showcases its heritage and culture. Explore the island’s baseball background, famous cigars, artist villages, breathtaking jungles and unique architecture.  (AS) Starts at $135/pp

Side-By-Side VIP Catamaran – This exclusive VIP sail takes you aboard a luxurious catamaran to explore beyond the Dominican coastline. Snorkel in an underwater museum full of sculptures, coral reefs, colorful tropical fish and abundant marine life. Then relax on a pristine beach with a drink in your hand during a buffet lunch, before visiting the fresh waters of Indigenous Eyes Ecological Reserve. (AS) Starts at $169/pp

Saona VIP Tour – Savor true Caribbean luxury with this fabulous Saona VIP tour. Sail on a catamaran, dart along on speedboats, and swim with starfish in a natural pool as attentive staff members bring you drinks in the water. Indulge in a lazy lunch and relax at a private beach club w/open bar. The one drawback of the day? The risk that you’ll get a little too used to living the high life. (AS) Starts at $159/pp

Saona Adventure VIP Tour – The Saona Adventure VIP experience takes you sailing along idyllic Caribbean waters to the protected beauty of Saona Island. This picture-perfect day includes great sailing with an open bar, snorkeling, a dip in a natural pool with starfish, and a lobster lunch on the beach. Talk about luxury in the Dominican coast! (AS) Starting at $152/pp

Bavaro Splash  If you’re a seeker of thrills by sea, then this Punta Cana speedboat adventure is just for you. The Bavaro Splash excursion lets you take a white-knuckle race down the picturesque Dominican coastline in a speedboat. Then, you will snorkel in the warm waters of the Caribbean and marvel at the colorful marine life. Later, take the plunge into luscious turquoise waters to explore coral reefs, with a guided Snuba experience in the stunning reef. (AS) Starts at $109/pp

Marinarium – Set sail aboard a glass-bottom catamaran on the Marinarium Punta Cana Snorkeling Cruise and swim with nurse sharks and stingrays in the azure waters of the Caribbean Sea. Whether you marvel at the fish or enjoy a refreshing cocktail in waist-deep crystal clear water, there are plenty of things to keep you entertained in this half-day excursion. (AS) Starts at $106/pp

Dolphin Experiences – From meet-and-greets, kisses, swims… all the way to a full dolphin experience.  (AS) Starts at $99 – $149/pp 

Imagine Nightclub.  Party in a cave.

Imagine Nightclub – There’s no party like a party in a cave converted into a club. The Imagine Club in Punta Cana is a unique place that looks like it’s straight from a fairy tale. So get ready to party the night away to the hottest tracks at a different kind of nightclub. (AS) Open Bar Packages $60 – $100/pp

Not to mention endless snorkeling, diving, golf and fishing tours!  We will find the activities that are right for you!