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Let’s Change That!

► You have been dreaming of a gorgeous wedding with the ocean as your backdrop — but are getting stressed with all the options, blogs and so-called online “wedding gurus'“ out there. There are too many options, with far too little guidance.

► The idea of having friends and loved ones share in the joy of your special day is important to you — but you find yourself lost (or even afraid!) to handle the logistics, planning and accounting of it all. Let’s be real, handing the travel arrangements for 20, 50… 200 guests is a lot of work!

► You are unsure how to claim all the group amenities that may be coming your way — one or two simple mistakes may cost you thousands of dollars in bridal kick-backs and bonuses.

► You are craving the knowledge, guidance and expertise of a real person — not a website. Someone to guide you through the process — who has dedicated her career to building some of the most romantic experiences around the Caribbean and Mexico.



The best part of working with Dana was her willingness to always be available leading up to our big trip! From answering my endless questions (which I probably asked five times each because my bride-mind couldn’t remember anything) to making sure that we had everything we needed - Dana was always on top of it all!!
— Nicole Carter


Imagine you’re walking down the aisle toward your partner, surrounded by ocean air and those you love. It’s magical, isn’t it? This is what I specialize in, that experience… but what I’m known for is how I make some of the most stressful parts of destination wedding planning and make them melt away for my couples.



The honest truth is that you are BUSY at this time in your life; with everything going on, you don’t have the time to dedicate 40-80 hours to research the mass amounts of resorts out there… let alone take on the roles of travel agent, wedding planner, designer, accountant, booking agent and more when you need to be focusing on is just being a newly-engaged, soon-to-be fabulous beach bride. Let my expertise in travel planning come to your wedding’s rescue and make this special event a reality for you!

Dana is the epitome of professionalism. Great planning skills and she makes sure we get MORE than what we even knew we wanted. I will recommend her to anyone I see looking for help planning a vacation.
— Karanna Meyers


Boutique Destination Wedding Experience – I take a “boutique” approach to wedding travel; other than your on-site wedding coordinator, you will only work with me. Unlike many sites out there who handle hundreds or thousands of events a year, I only handle 10 weddings a year… no more. This allows me to make sure each and every wedding is getting the attention and care they deserve.

I Am Your Advocate - I’m here to help you identify the best wedding package, simplify wedding and room contract terms, understand and alleviate your concerns, and create a planning timeline. I am on the bride’s side, not the resorts.

Personalized Destination and Resort Curation – You will regain your time by trusting me to present carefully curated options for your wedding day. I will carefully select, organize, and present you with up to 5 options based on your wedding vision and budget requirements.

Group Contract Expertise – Your wedding group will get the best room rates for the value. I’ve partnered with niche suppliers who specialize in destination weddings and groups. This partnership allows me to offer premium benefits for your and your guests and that translates into money savings.*

Guest Management – Whether you’re eloping or inviting 200 guests to your wedding, I will answer all questions, manage each reservation, and process payments for your loved ones.

Beautiful Wedding Website –Included in your package will be a beautifully designed website where you can present your story and I will provide the travel details. You will have full control to customize the theme, photos and more so your wedding site reflects your personal love story. All the information you and your guests need will be easily accessible 24/7 online.


► Pick a time that’s convenient for you and your partner to meet with me online — it is my goal to have a personal connection with my wedding couple

► Grab a glass of wine or champagne — we'll have fun discussing your biggest concerns & uncover how I can make those struggles melt away with me as a member of your #BrideTribe

► If you believe that my expertise in Destination Weddings and VIP services are a great fit for you, your guests and your event, we’ll then discuss the next steps to reserve me for your big day! I can’t wait to get to know you and your fiancé!