Planning Agreement

To build the most accurate quotes, our office requires vital information on each traveler.  Submitting shows that you are ready and committed to the vacation planning process and prepared to secure your vacation within the next 30 days. This ensures that you and I get the most out of our future partnership and that my services will yield the best results for you and your traveling party.

You are required to provide this information:

► Name of every traveler as printed on ID 
(Passport for international travel, US State ID for Domestic)

► Birthday of every traveler

► Sex of every traveler

► Phone and email of every adult traveler (for safety purposes)

► Optional: Delta SkyMiles Number for added discounts + TSA PreCheck/Global Entry

PLEASE NOTE: This contract is best viewed and prepared on a laptop/tablet/PC and not your cellphone. I have found that spelling errors and mistakes commonly occur when filling this out on a cellphone.  

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