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your destination wedding?
Let us change that.

feeling more overwhelmed


are you and your fiance

► You have been dreaming of a gorgeous wedding with the ocean as your backdrop — but are getting stressed with all the options, blogs and so-called online “wedding gurus'“ out there. There are too many options, with far too little guidance.

► The idea of having friends and loved ones share in the joy of your special day is important to you — but you find yourself lost (or even afraid!) to handle the logistics, planning and accounting of it all. Let’s be real, handing the travel arrangements for 10, 20, 50… 200 guests is a lot of work! 

► You are unsure how to claim all the group amenities that may be coming your way — one or two simple mistakes may cost you thousands of dollars in bridal kick-backs and bonuses.

► You are craving the knowledge and expertise of a real person — not a website. Someone to guide you through the process — who has dedicated their career to building some of the most romantic experiences around the Caribbean and Mexico.

if i had to guess


When you imagine walking down the aisle toward your partner, surrounded by ocean air and those you love... it’s a magical feeling, isn’t it?  This is what I specialize in... that experience… but what I’m known for is how I make the most stressful parts of destination wedding planning melt away for my couples.

destination weddings

Let my expertise in travel planning & my connections come to your wedding’s rescue and make this special event a reality for you
so all you need to focus on is  being a newly-engaged, soon-to-be Mr. or Mrs.

lets get real about planning


Diodate Giumpa Wedding
Partner: Sea & Love Wedding Films

We had no clue of what direction we wanted to go in or where we wanted to go - we just knew we needed to connect with an expert. That's exactly what Dana is!! Not only does she have a wealth of knowledge, but she's also super responsive, personable, & professional. She gave us amazing resort recommendations based off what we were looking for (discussed during our consultation call) & matched us up with the PERFECT, most incredible resort for our wedding/epic getaway with our guests. 
She provides the absolute top notch service to her people & went above & beyond what we could've hoped for in a travel advisor, ESPECIALLY during the pandemic. That's really important to note- we were dealing with the implications of wedding planning during COVID & Dana was such an integral role during these crazy, stressful times brought upon us. From moving everyone's reservations to new dates to people canceling & needing refund options, she handled everything with grace & such a positive attitude through it all. We couldn't have done it without her.

- Nicole giumpa

perks of being wed away

► Generally priced less than a US wedding
► Stunning backdrops
► Originality - you’re not in Kansas anymore!
► Wedding and honeymoon in one
► Not dealing with 100 different vendors
► Built-in entertainment
► Not obligated to invite and pay for 100s of people (unless you want to)
► Guests will talk about it for years to come

jordan and todd mangas 

Boutique Destination Wedding Experience – I take a “boutique” approach to wedding travel; other than your on-site wedding coordinator, you will only work with me. Unlike many sites out there who handle hundreds or thousands of events a year, I handle 10 weddings a year… no more. This allows me to make sure each and every wedding is getting the attention and care they deserve.  

I Am Your Advocate - I’ve cultivated relationships with resorts, their wedding teams and vendors in multiple countries over my years in this industry which means I am better able to assist you in not only navigating the wedding building process, but also handle any bumps that may come along the way.

Personalized Destination and Resort Curation – You will regain your time by trusting me to present carefully curated options for your wedding day. I will carefully select, organize, and present you with up to 5 options based on your wedding vision and budget requirements.

Group Contract Expertise – Your wedding group will get the best room rates for the value. I’ve partnered with niche suppliers who specialize in destination weddings and groups. This partnership allows me to offer premium benefits for your and your guests and that translates into money savings.*

Guest Management – Whether you’re eloping or inviting 20, 60, or even 200 guests to your wedding, I will answer all questions, manage each reservation, and process payments for your loved ones. 

working with a pro

experience the benefits

With All Destination Wedding Planning Packages We:

  • Discuss and explain the differences in rooms block contract vs flexible group arrangements.
  • Negotiate a group contract with a Tour Operator/Wholesaler to offer the best pricing available, secure availability, and other complimentary amenities available
  • Help you secure the wedding date and time, specific locale within the resort or off-site venue, determine Country’s residency requirements, blood test requirements (where applicable)
  • Act as the single point of contact for guests attending the wedding and arrange group travel plans
  • Flexible payment plans are available for all guest up until full payment deadline. Periodic invoicing
For The Couple
  • Custom mobile friendly wedding website with a personalized URL
  • Complimentary wedding/honeymoon registry
  • Personalized planning site with timelines, vendors, tips and more
  • LIVE wedding registration feed to keep up on guest bookings
  • Dana Braun will attend up to 3 half-hour Zoom calls with your wedding coordinator
  • Discounts on services through Minted and more!

For The Guests
  • Access to the Dana Braun Travel app to keep all their travel details organized
  • Email campaign to help them prepare for travel and wedding events
  • Important date reminders

Additional benefits

over $2000 value included Free


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Armed with your custom wedding website, your guests will easily secure their rooms, makes deposits and submit payments.  All questions they have are directed to our office.

guest maitenence

During this time, we securing your date, negotiate rates and concessions with the supplier and holding group space. Its the most stressful part - thats why we do it for you.



We present a digital proposal with photos, videos and information about the destinations that best fit your needs.  We  include the wedding packages and guides to help you make an informed decision.

Research & Proposal


Its our first date. I will get to know you and your partner's vision for your big date, we also discuss what it takes to put together an event.
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initial consultation




THIS RELATIONSHIP starts with a phone call

After months of preparation and excitement, the time to travel is finally here.  Your guests are prepared with our digitized travel app, they are all informed of the event's timeline and they are ready to arrive.  If you have our Diamond Package, I will be there personally to greet each guest as they arrive on property and make sure they have everything they need - as well as assist the wedding couple on the big day.

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